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Founding partners, Frédéric Bonneton and Thierry Magin

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The ultimate quest for companies coping with changing markets and business models must be greater levels of excellence among teams. In markets where growth is weak, sales innovation and excellence are categorically the two key factors that make a difference.  

Similarly, the growth of a leadership culture appears the only sustainable pathway for management teams to inspire and mobilise their teams. Having a high-performance management system, capable of accompanying change and is aware of its responsibility and effects, is a priority in a world where plans and organisations are constantly evolving. 

Finally, in an environment where other forms of employment are growing strongly and where salaried workers are becoming just one option among others, companies must introduce innovative and appealing rewards policies that match the incentives of the individuals and are entirely consistent with the strategies deployed by the companies.

Our  ambition is to support the success of our clients using these three key performance levers. These performance levers are driven by the intelligence and creativity of men and women who are the very lifeblood of our companies. This is why we believe that performance must be created by people for people. 

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