In-depth sales audit

In principle, this comprehensive sales audit is for all company managers wanting concrete recommendations to boost their sales excellence. It is especially recommended in the following circumstances: 

  • induction of new sales staff or new frontline managers;
  • to develop a specific sales force training programme; 
  • stagnation or a drop in sales performance;
  • a realignment of the sales strategy as part of a wider sales appraisal;
  • a merger of sales forces to identify the best practices and accentuate them.

We deliver our activities in 3 stages:

Stage 1: Prepare the support package with the Sales Director. 

Stage 2: In-situ support.

  • accompanying sales staff: preparing for a meeting, the meeting, debriefing;
  • accompanying frontline managers: preparing for a meeting, debriefing with the manager and their sales person then debriefing with the manager.

Stage 3: Analysis and recommendations on sales methods.  

  • Sales methods (tools, formats, arguments, reporting, etc.) and sales techniques (preparation, connection, exploration, etc.).
  • Support methodologies, techniques and managerial positioning.


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