Total rewards strategy

We offer you a tried-and-tested 3-stage support methodology to revise and realign your total rewards system with company growth objectives:

1 - An APPRAISAL of the existing reward system that takes into account the company's cultural, economic and strategic context involving managers, key staff and employees in the consultation groups.

We use this appraisal to produce a critical analysis of the existing system.

2 - A RECOMMENDATION for a Total Reward Strategy (SRG®) in 5 steps:

  • Target group identification and segmentation
  • Use of reward tools on various groups (PRG®)
  • Assignment of the nature of goals for each pre-identified tool
  • Overall economic simulation of the new principles vs. the old 
  • Change scenario proposal for systems and decison-making

3 - A COMMUNICATION of anticipated changes to key stakeholders (executive board, managers, social partners, etc).

Our appraisals and recommendations are majoritarily based on mapping exercises and dynamic presentation tools for greater clarity, making them easier to read and understand.



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