Sales staff rewards

Our intervention methodology is built on 3 separate stages.

Stage 1 is the appraisal and recommendations to help strategically adjust sales staff rewards in relation to the company's growth and performance plan.

Our recommendations include 5 complementary corporate dimensions (strategic, organisational, human/sociological, technical and cultural).

Following the recommendations, the implementation stage helps proceed with the final choices after a simulation period to anticipate various scenarios (aims and budgets). These simulations have a major advantage in facilitating communication on change with key stakeholders in the plan (executive board, managers, social partners) and, of course, with beneficiaries.

Finally, support to roll-out a new system will be tailored to each company based on its specific needs. Training managers in using the system is generally a first step to enable them to better handle change management situations.

After an initial period of application, we offer our clients a check-up on how the new system effects performance and incentives. The sales force rewards system does, in fact, become one of the pillars of sales excellence over time.



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