Post weighting

Our PACI© weighting method applies to the whole company, to secure staff loyalty by giving them the visibility required for their professional development in a particular post.

Weighting helps identify jobs where there may be difficulties in recruiting, gaining loyalty and/or staff turnover.  

Combined with knowledge of market practices, it helps drive the salary review process and the company's salary schemes.

Weighting posts using the PACI© method involves considering the relative contribution of different occupational groups and sub-groups to the company's strategy. Each post is weighted and subsequently scored to rank it in the company. 

The PACI© method includes the post's contribution to the corporate plan. It enables them to be analysed using on 4 key priorities (contribution to the corporate plan, autonomy/creativity, complexity and influence/impact on added value).

Weighting is conducted by a weighting committee of managers, HR managers and an MCR consultant with expereince in advising on rewards. This optimises how the task is delivered and arbitration. 

Once our support ends, the aim is that the company adopts the PACI© methodology and can work on it independently. 



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