Performance incentives

Performance profit-sharing can be a useful management tool as it involves teams in improving performance indicators for different occupations and the company's development plan.

In France, profit-sharing benefits from unrivalled preferential treatment as sums are not subject to social security contributions or the CSG tax, or mandatory involvement.

Performance profit-sharing can apply to all sizes of company and business sectors that want to: 

  • motivate employees and boost loyalty of all employees for growth and profits;
  • reward team performance; 
  • tie variable pay to meeting operational goals;
  • control their payroll (optimised and flexible costs).

Our intervention methodology includes the following steps:

  • Consideration given to the growth plan (executive management)
  • Identifying key performance indicators with main stakeholders (managers, experts, consultation groups, etc.).
  • Recommendation of the calculation method and value-sharing principle.
  • Collective and individual package simulations for distribution. 
  • Drafting an agreement and support for negotiations (with social partners and works' councils).  
  • Communicating the scheme to managers and employees (to adopt the schemes).


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