Vision, Leadership and Opportunities

The VLO support programme is designed for a team of 4-8 managers to express their vision of progress. This is built into plans, skills and individual potential that translates into ambition for all staff:

  • by better understanding interactions between team members and how they influence decision-making, time and stress management;
  • by identifying existing standards in the team which, without their knowing, facilitate team creativity, or have become hindrances to the way it works;  
  • by using the same development approach with their own team.

The Vision Leadership and Opportunities approach is based on iLead™ methodologies and is delivered in 4 stages:

  1. Scoping out the task with the company and team leader to understand the background, the team's mission and the results to be achieved. A presentation on the approach will be made to the team.  
  2. Un entretien individuel avec chacun des participants permettra à chacun de découvrir sa Signature iLead™ (1), et de mieux comprendre ses modes de fonctionnement à travers des moteurs et freins iLead™.
  3. A team working session to develop and share its vision of growth. 

Based on an analysis of current realities, the group identifies the team's main operating patterns and carries out a mapping exercise of its current standards. It then identifies the team's key factors for success.   

At the end of the session, the team produces an action plan and defines tangible and measurable individual and collective commitments.

A feedback session will be organised after 3-4 months. The team will gather for a seminar to report on individual and collective commitments, adapt action plans and work on its success plans.

By using the various team members' iLead signatures, the team can adapt the action plan and redefine individual and collective commitments. The feedback sessions can be re-run 2-3 times over 1 year.



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