iLead™ TEAM

The iLead™ TEAM support process enables participants to:

  • express a vision of growth for the team, build in projects, skills and individual potential; 
  • describe interactions between team members to understand how they affect decision-making methods, time and stress management and the team's ability to generates results;  
  • identify existing standards in the team which, without their knowing, facilitate team creativity, or have become hindrances to the way it works;
  • to use the same development approach with their own team.

The iLead™ TEAM support process is delivered in 4 stages: 

A – Scoping out the mission with the company and team leader

  • Description of expectations, background and results to be achieved.  
  • Presentation of the approach and iLead™ questionnaire for the team

B – One-to-one sessions with each team member

  • Individual interviews with team members
  •   Discovery of the iLead™ Signature

C – Team working session

  • validate and share the team's vision of growth;
  • illustrate interactions through role-play;
  • assess the team's main operating patterns; 
  • map out the team's 7 operating standards;
  • identify the team's critical factors for success; 
  • introduce an action plan based on these conclusions.

D – Individual support

A qualified iLead™ consultant provides support over 3-months to deliver the action plan.



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