iLead™ individual support

The iLead™ support process will enable staff to: 

  • express their vision of development so that it helps structure their actions and decisions;
  • to analyse their resources in the form of drivers and barriers to learning and action, and to grasp the consequences  of these resources on decision-making methods, time and stress management and their interactions with others; 
  • identify repetitive operating methods and changes in anticipated behaviour and attitude to be more efficient in a professional environment; 
  • make this process generate profits and develop their team.

Coaching is delivered in several stages:

  1. Stage 1: Presentation of the Signature iLead™ analysis findings (1);
  2. Stage 2: Identifying success and divergence loops; 
  3. Stage 3: Developing scenarios  – behaviour to be worked on;
  4. Stage 4: Organisation and implementation.

(1) The reporting stage assumes that online questionnaire has previously been circulated to enable the organisation to develop its  iLead™  signature, with employee's drivers and barriers highlighted as well as their own reactions under stress. 



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